Being Blunt!

10 Jul

This culture is so obsessed with the Body it is disgusting! I mean yea we all fall to it but seriously! WOMEN! STOP showing little boys what you got, and put some damn clothes on! Those a-holes only want whats under the clothes! Maybe, just maybe if you actually once respected yourself a real man would look at you and love you for you, not whats in your trunk! A real man will treat you with respect and actually have dignity and manners! BOYS, GROW UP! Pull your pants up! stop grabbing your infatuated other’s butt and grab her hand and look into her eyes and tell her how BEAUTIFUL she is; not hot sexy fine. If you actually respect a woman (I know you don’t know what respect is; so look it up) she will respect you and not screw you over! WOW how about that? Come on! Lets use common sense! YEAY for real Men and Women! Shame to the wanna be men and women! Sorry for the bluntness!


Acknowledging God!

28 May

Just think, God is thinking of every human being, born, unborn, dead, every moment. If He didn’t we would not be in existence. This is why we have memories of people whom have past away, they are not just gone, or out of existence, but they live eternally with God in Heaven, or with out Him in hell. This is also why we have the capability to bring children into this world. Christ said,”Before you were formed in the womb I knew you.” God is outside of time; meaning that everything is his present. So Our Future to Him, has already happened. To us it has not. God knows what we will do in our future, but does not in any way choose it for us. We still have free will. God has just seen the Outcome already. We are free to Choose from many possible outcomes. and God sees those possible outcomes potentially in our present, but He already knows what we choose in actuality. I could go on and on! Look up The Summa St. Thomas Aquinas’ work! So we should do our part in acknowledging Him, because he is constantly acknowledging us!


18 May

Homosexuality is a disorder as marriage was created by God for husband and wife to bond as one flesh, give themselves completely to each other for the act of Pro-creation of mankind. (Pro is Latin for the word for). That is where Sex comes in. It is meant to be enjoyed by husband and wife in the act of pro-creation.In Genesis Chapter 2, He did not tell Adam and Adam or Eve and Eve to go pro-create because that cannot happen; but he told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. That is Natural law. According to my previous premises, it therefore is the case that homosexuality is unnatural and a disorder to what marriage and sex are. Homosexuality is immoral and a sin as it goes against Divine and Natural Law and the 6th Commandment (Thou Shall not commit Adultery). People also misuse sex as a pleasure only thing, when in fact it is meant only for the pro(for) creation act of the Husband and Wife. Sex is meant to be enjoyable so please enjoy it, not as a lustful pleasurable only act, but as an act of creation with you husband if you are a woman, or your wife if you are a man. Now people read the Bible way to literal and think that everything in the Bible is the Law of God. God uses many different types of Law in the Bible. Divine, Natural, Civil (man-made law). Just to make sure people understand the differences of the types of Law in the Bible most commonly seen, I will bring the discussion here. Many people say that times change and laws change. That is partially correct. Actually is is totally correct but just hiding some truth. People assume that because they stoned people in the Old Testament (say for committing sins of adultery, fornication, etc. that it ought to still be the case that we stone people. They take that argument and say that then the Bible cannot be taken seriously and God’s Laws change. Well, no God’s laws do not Change. The stoning law was civil law; meaning man made law. Civil law changes. Divine Law, and Natural Law do not change. So all the morals found in Genesis 1-11 still must be upheld today. In fact all the moral teachings still must be upheld today. God’s laws do not change. only man made laws change. Therefore, we cannot pick and choose what morals we wish to follow, we cannot pick and choose what Divine and Natural laws we want to follow.

A Smaller Church

15 May

A smaller more faithful Church will be better than a Larger heretical Church! If they so choose to deny Christ, let them, all we can do is pray for their conversion. In this culture, you cannot push Christianity or your beliefs on anyone since it is such a terrible thing. Meanwhile, everyone can push same sex marriage and contraceptives down our throats. That is the way the culture is! Again, the only thing to do is pray for their conversions. Religion is not the “law” it use to be. We, as Christians, need to be courageous and speak the truth, no matter what! Always know and trust that Good will prevail over evil. Do not stress too much over evil. Evil is just a trick the Devil uses to get you down. God always wins; trust him with that and all will be grand!

Mass the other day

15 May

One, maybe more people walked out Angry at my Pastor for speaking the truth about what the Church teaches about Same Sex marriage! The Homily was marvelous and 100 % truth! It just goes to show how many “Camouflage Catholics” there are out there. I am proud of the courage and love for the sacred teachings of the Catholic Church that my Pastor showed since it is very hard to be a Catholic and speak the truth and not get persecuted or ridiculed! The Church is going to get smaller people. We must face that fact! I hope and I pray that I stay strong with my faith as well as all of you do. A smaller more faithful Church is better than a larger contradictory Church! God Bless you all and My Pastor as well as all Pastors (Bishops etc.) and The people who walked out of Mass today!

Judging Others

4 Apr

Remember when you judge someone, it doesn’t say something about them. It says everything about you. Let this Holy Week be a reminder to everyone to have Charity and to love one another as God would love you! There is no point of making fun of someone or judging them or talking about them behind his or her back. When we do these things, we hurt everyone, especially yourself. Look the other way and instead of being a jerk, be a saint. If you feel the urge to judge someone, instead say something nice about that person. This world and culture is filled with so much hate that we fail to accept God’s love. We waste so much of our time worrying what people think about us or other peoples problems that we never take care of ourselves. When it comes to other people, love them, and not the sin he or she commits. Look past that as that person, who is a sinner just like you, is a human being, one of you. What gives you the right to judge that person. If anything, we should be judging ourselves for all the evil we commit daily. God’s love is always here. Open your hearts and accept it, because if you do not, life will be difficult, you will tend to judge others more often and like the beginning of this rant said,when you judge someone, it doesn’t say something about them. It says everything about you. God Bless.

Cherish your loved ones and enemies!

29 Feb

Cherish your loved ones for you never know if anything could happen to them. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. If we sit around wasting time on the least important things we will get caught up in the world and loose sight of the truth. We need to focus on the present and take life day by day and life our lives for God and do everything in his name. If we do that than God will give us many gifts. Without him life is miserable! In doing everything for God, like, keeping our heart open to the ones we dislike, we take part of the Glory of God. It is quite difficult to be nice to someone you do not like. It is even a greater feat of Satan when you can take persecution and still love that person. In the same way, when your enemy comes to you and says something nasty at you, instead of saying something nasty back to your enemy, give them your love. That, is part of what truth is. I pray that everyone in the world, alive, dead, about to be born, and the unborn, feel God’s love in order that they bring that love to others in the world to open even the toughest closed-hearted people. Why waste our time seeking revenge when we can share the love of God. As everything is related to the love of God, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, so we must love and not hate. Those people that we love will not always be here. Sometimes it will be unexpected and inconvenient to our lives. But always love everyone, because the wicked will receive their punishment. May God grant you all a happy long life filled with success, love, Joy, and a great knowledge and Faith in God. God Bless you all.