Archive | January, 2012

Bad Days

29 Jan

Sometimes we just have bad days…You feel like the whole world is out to get you, no one likes you, but you’re wrong. When you feel down always remember that it is Satan who is trying to harden your heart so you do not feel the love of God and he does it in a way to make you think it’s others that don’t like you because he doesn’t want you to know it’s him. When you realize that, pray because that will let him know you know he exists which is the worst nightmare for the Devil.  Also, remember that God always Loves you and is there when you feel alone!  Well, I have one thing to say, Watch out Satan because I believe you exist and I am not afraid! Here’s to bad days!


Love All

21 Jan

Love all that we have, all we are given, all that we love, everything and everyone with all of our heart. Then, God’s love will come into your heart and your worries will be taken care of. If we loved everything and everyone the way God loves us, this world would be in a different position. Be reminded that the Power of Faith and Prayer are beautiful gifts and when used correctly, can do things that are only imaginable. With faith in God, anything is possible. So love everything and everyone as God would love you. For you never know if the homeless person begging for money or that really annoying person in front of you in the grocery line is Christ himself testing you. Give all you have because Christ will reward you.