Give Thanks to God for Everything!

19 Feb

We Take the little things for granted. If we stopped and thought why things actually happened, Why God does things for us we would be better people. Just because your phone died or computer broke does not meant God hates you, he only wants you to pay more attention to what He has in store for you. God loves you so much and he gives you so much. Just take a step back and look at what you have. You are all so very blessed. You do not need riches to be happy, but God’s love to be happy. What is the point to life if you have everything you desire already? We should be striving for Heaven to be our greatest desire not for the latest edition of the iPhone or media player. How are we suppose to live our lives for Christ when we have all of these distractions in our lives? What good is it that we continue to deny God and make Sports, electronics, people our “gods”? We need to be thankful for everything in which God has given us and give thanks to him everyday! May God grant you the ability to feel his love so that you may give your love to others who truly need it as well as the ability to realize how blessed you are and to give thanks to God and to do everything in His name.


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