22 Feb

Anxiety can get the best of you.  Whether you are on the Alter serving a Mass, or you are studying for an exam/class presentation.  It could be nerves, maybe you are not use to doing what ever it is that you are doing.  Truly, there is nothing to worry about.  If you mess up or fail, you should ask yourself if that is the worst thing that could actually happen.  Instead of worrying so much about what you look like and about wanting to make what you are doing to perfection, say a prayer and have no worries.  Doing that shall bring you closer to God.  Also, make everything you do for God and all will be okay.  If we waste our time worrying if something bad will happen then chances are something will go wrong.  Anxiety can lead to many things (sins); impatience, scrupulosity, obsession, etc.  With those, you could really ruin your life and friendships as well as other people’s lives.  We need to be aware of anxiety and what anxiety leads to so that we do not catch ourselves in a spiritual ditch.  To concur anxiety, although it was not mentioned before, keep Satan away as best as possible.  If that means going to confession more than once a month, praying more, going to Mass more often, etc, than by all means please do so!  Satan is the main cause of anxiety and he will do everything and anything to deceive you to think different.  I pray that you may have the courage to stand up against evil and to fight temptation and Satan’s evil ways so that you and everyone within the world may live an anxiety free life.  Through the Angels and Saints, I ask their intercessions to God the Almighty Father in Heaven, to hear our prayers and to lead us to our Salvation.


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