Cherish your loved ones and enemies!

29 Feb

Cherish your loved ones for you never know if anything could happen to them. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. If we sit around wasting time on the least important things we will get caught up in the world and loose sight of the truth. We need to focus on the present and take life day by day and life our lives for God and do everything in his name. If we do that than God will give us many gifts. Without him life is miserable! In doing everything for God, like, keeping our heart open to the ones we dislike, we take part of the Glory of God. It is quite difficult to be nice to someone you do not like. It is even a greater feat of Satan when you can take persecution and still love that person. In the same way, when your enemy comes to you and says something nasty at you, instead of saying something nasty back to your enemy, give them your love. That, is part of what truth is. I pray that everyone in the world, alive, dead, about to be born, and the unborn, feel God’s love in order that they bring that love to others in the world to open even the toughest closed-hearted people. Why waste our time seeking revenge when we can share the love of God. As everything is related to the love of God, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, so we must love and not hate. Those people that we love will not always be here. Sometimes it will be unexpected and inconvenient to our lives. But always love everyone, because the wicked will receive their punishment. May God grant you all a happy long life filled with success, love, Joy, and a great knowledge and Faith in God. God Bless you all.


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