18 May

Homosexuality is a disorder as marriage was created by God for husband and wife to bond as one flesh, give themselves completely to each other for the act of Pro-creation of mankind. (Pro is Latin for the word for). That is where Sex comes in. It is meant to be enjoyed by husband and wife in the act of pro-creation.In Genesis Chapter 2, He did not tell Adam and Adam or Eve and Eve to go pro-create because that cannot happen; but he told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. That is Natural law. According to my previous premises, it therefore is the case that homosexuality is unnatural and a disorder to what marriage and sex are. Homosexuality is immoral and a sin as it goes against Divine and Natural Law and the 6th Commandment (Thou Shall not commit Adultery). People also misuse sex as a pleasure only thing, when in fact it is meant only for the pro(for) creation act of the Husband and Wife. Sex is meant to be enjoyable so please enjoy it, not as a lustful pleasurable only act, but as an act of creation with you husband if you are a woman, or your wife if you are a man. Now people read the Bible way to literal and think that everything in the Bible is the Law of God. God uses many different types of Law in the Bible. Divine, Natural, Civil (man-made law). Just to make sure people understand the differences of the types of Law in the Bible most commonly seen, I will bring the discussion here. Many people say that times change and laws change. That is partially correct. Actually is is totally correct but just hiding some truth. People assume that because they stoned people in the Old Testament (say for committing sins of adultery, fornication, etc. that it ought to still be the case that we stone people. They take that argument and say that then the Bible cannot be taken seriously and God’s Laws change. Well, no God’s laws do not Change. The stoning law was civil law; meaning man made law. Civil law changes. Divine Law, and Natural Law do not change. So all the morals found in Genesis 1-11 still must be upheld today. In fact all the moral teachings still must be upheld today. God’s laws do not change. only man made laws change. Therefore, we cannot pick and choose what morals we wish to follow, we cannot pick and choose what Divine and Natural laws we want to follow.


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