Acknowledging God!

28 May

Just think, God is thinking of every human being, born, unborn, dead, every moment. If He didn’t we would not be in existence. This is why we have memories of people whom have past away, they are not just gone, or out of existence, but they live eternally with God in Heaven, or with out Him in hell. This is also why we have the capability to bring children into this world. Christ said,”Before you were formed in the womb I knew you.” God is outside of time; meaning that everything is his present. So Our Future to Him, has already happened. To us it has not. God knows what we will do in our future, but does not in any way choose it for us. We still have free will. God has just seen the Outcome already. We are free to Choose from many possible outcomes. and God sees those possible outcomes potentially in our present, but He already knows what we choose in actuality. I could go on and on! Look up The Summa St. Thomas Aquinas’ work! So we should do our part in acknowledging Him, because he is constantly acknowledging us!


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