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21 Nov

We hate the imperfections of our body because of our sin.  If there was no sin in this world, if Adam and Eve had not brought original sin upon us, our bodies would have no imperfections.  There would be no one over weight, under weight, ugly or pretty; in fact, we would all be beautiful, perfect people.  Sin has corrupted the image and likeness God intended us to have.  We are far away from what that image and likeness truly is.  God wants us to be perfect and pure, but by sinning, we turn away from him.  Instead of loving God fully with our entire heart and self, we hurt him and place him on the back burner replacing him with what pleases us in that moment, sin.  How can we fight this?  We can look to pray every day.  Say a Divine Mercy Chaplet, read Sacred Scripture, find an accountability friend whom you can talk with about your weaknesses and struggles, attend daily Mass, the list could go on and on.  We need to understand that we should love our bodies because our bodies are made in the image and likeness of God.  However, we should hate the imperfections that sin has brought upon our bodies.  Besides, our lives now are much more challenging with sin than they would be with out sin.  If we were all perfect, then there would be no need to live because we would already be perfect and pure; which is what God wants from and for us.  There would be no need to fight against evil in order to save our souls and strive to live fro Christ.  We are called to live for Christ and in doing that we need the good to over come the evil so that we may reach our ultimate goal which is, Heaven/Eternal Life.  What is the point of living and striving for something if you don’t have to work for it.  Striving for heaven can only help your faith grow stronger.  Never be afraid to strive to be Holy!  You must own your will and give it to God so that when the time comes, you may be living with the Saints, the Angels, and God himself; truthfully, what is better than that.


God’s Love

17 Nov

The knowledge of the love of God is one of the greatest gifts that any person can receive.  To know that God loves us even though we are sinners can save many people.  You should look at the times you receive good things (graces) unexpectedly.  That is God’s love giving you what you need to keep on going.  When we feel the love of God, we need to help those who have not yet discovered God’s love, so that they may be able to love God back.  In order for this to happen, we must do good deeds, like help others out when needed, help rebuild someones burnt down house, help someone who is less fortunate than we are.  Most of us may be pretty unfortunate, but our reward is much greater than those who are very fortunate give a little than when the less fortunate give more than what they truly can.  We are all called to the Sainthood.  It’s not an easy trip.  Also, you don’t need to be a Priest or an Ordained member of the Church to become a Saint; you can do good things for others and still give yourself completely to God while truly believing in him; that will help you on your road to Sainthood.  We can love God by living our lives or him, and in return, God gives us his love.

Salvation and Other Things About Christ!

17 Nov

In a time of death, we need to look foward to the end. We need to look foward to the day Christ comes again. We need to ready our souls for that great day of judgment, and stay away from sin as much as possible. If we truly understood what Christ did for us, we would not sin at all. Sin is too easy and ironically beneficial to us because the davil makes it that way; intending for our souls toperish in Hell. What is it that gives us the ability to stay away from sin? Intercession through the Saints and most importantly, The Blessed Virgin Mother. We need their help to stay away from sin and get closer to Christ. May we realize the damage that our sin does daily and repent to God for the salvation of our souls, I ask this through Chirst our Lord. Amen.


When we need the Lord most, without asking, He is already there waiting reaching out his ever loving hand. Trust in God always because having trust and faith in Him will help you survive this culture of death. We need to fight evil daily, and show the world that we need God! May God Bless you all. May God protect every single one of you from all temptations and all evil. And May you all sleep with the Angels tonight.


Know that the enemy is always lurking around us trying to steal our souls. The devil will do anything to try to bring us away from God. When we sin, we must not get down on ourselves, but instead, we must rejoice for we have the oportunity to repent to God and be forgiven of all of our sins. Trust in God’s mercy and love and live your life in accordance to his so that we all may live in the Kingdom of Heaven.


We sin because we fear. What good is it to fear when we know that the Lord is on our side? Why be afraid of anything? God is always there and will always protect the faithful from the enemy. If we want to grow in faith, we need to trust God in everything we do. We must know that his love and mercy is enough to satisfy us. Pray for the unfaithful, Pray for your enemies, Pray for your friends, Pray for the sick/homeless/needy. Trust in God and fear nothing. Rejoice for the Lord is our Salvation!


When Bad things happen in our life, it is satan trying to ruin our lives and bring us down because we are doing the right things and doing the will of God. Once satan thinks we are slipping away, he attacks with an even bigger punch to astray you off God’s tracks. Keep in mind that satan has nothing on you of you have the power of faith and prayer. God, the Angles and Saints and the BVM will always protect you. Fear not the enemy for he is nothing compared to the love and mercy of God!


When you think everything is alright, think again. People come into your life and then people go. I don’t want people to go. I truly care about my friends even if I upset you and you wont talk to me. I don’t look at that. I look at what we had as friends. I look at the Christ in you and know that your AMAZING and throughout anything I’m honord to call you friends. My intentions are true because thats what Christ wants. If they’re different, I’m sorry. All I want is happiness and your friendship


Why be sad and depressed when God is everything you need. He fulfills your hopes and your dreams. Trust in the God and ask him to take care of your worries and needs. We go through trials in our life so that we can keep our faith honest. True Friends come and go. We will always have true friends. Keep your true friends forever, and always make sure you love them like Christ loves you. To all my true friends; May the peace of Christ be with you always. May we be friends in Christ forever.


What is the point of lying? To take advantage of one another or an opportunity? Why can’t we all just be truthful and speak to one another as a brother and sister, or as God would speak to us. Sometimes we take things the wrong way, and get upset over them. At that point, you have to be cautious, but always remember to forgive and love.


We worry because we love, we love because we care. God’s love is everlasting. This world should take a page or all the pages from God and start loving eachother as God loves us. If the entire world found God, We would then have the power to stop abortion. Lets stop living and live! Lets pour our entire heart and mind into God. Then, my brothers and sisters, is when we as a whole, will be doing the will of God. Amen.


The world would be a better place if everyone simply looked up at the sky and thanked God for the beauty that he has created. Even in the midst of suffering, a cloudy/rainy sky can be beautiful. And in the end, what realy matters is that we can all meet again in the Kingdom of Heaven. I hope to see you all, even my enemies, there soon! For those who wish that someone doesn’t make it to heaven, you don’t understand what you are saying and I pray that God gives you the knowledge to understand what you are truly saying.



Love and Fear The Lord

17 Nov

We should love and fear the Lord. We should be afraid of what he can do to us if we continue to sin, but we should also love him for all the great things he has done for us. You should never fear the devil. Yea, he does some scary things and sometimes it it scary to think of what he can do, but he will do more if you fear him. He truly has nothing against us if we have the power of faith. Yes, we will sin and we will fall, but if you keep your faith strong, you will overcome death (the devil) and inherit life (God). God will work through anyone. Even the worst sinners. We are all called to be Saints in the Kingdom of Heaven, and how do we expect to get there by living in a culture of death. Be of the world but not of it. As St. Frances Asissi said, If God can work through someone like me, than He can work through anyone!


17 Nov

True friends are rare.  When you find them, latch on to them and do not let them go for they are one of the closest things to Christ.  We should understand that latching on does not mean constantly being there and with them 24 hours of the day; instead, give them space and understand that they will be there tomorrow.  Why should we waist our time with people who hurt us or want the worst for us.  In book 8 of the Nicomohean Ethics, Aristotle talks about three friendships; the friendship based on pleasure, the friendship based on utility ans the friendship based on virtue.  Aristotle goes on to explain thoroughly (as usual) the three types of friendships and concludes with the friendship based on virtue to be the best one.  Aristotle says that a friend of virtue should care for the other friend for that friends sake.  We too need to look at his teachings and care for our friends for the sake of their good.  We should base our friendships around God, for a true friendship will have the desire for each other to reach Heaven.  Overall, true friends are hard to come by.  If one does happen to come to you, relax!  Don’t stress on loosing that friend, for once you stress about loosing that friend, most of the time you will.  Know that it is the devil trying to convince you that you are massing up all the time and that you’re going to loose that friend.  The devil does not want you to have anything that will bring you closer to Christ so the devil will try to take everything away.  To defeat the devil, trust in God and pray often!  The devil has nothing over a person who prays and believes in Christ.

Reverence to the Holy Eucharist

17 Nov

It kills me to see how irreverent people are to Christ during Mass. If we actually understood that Christ is truly present in the Eucharist, then things would be so much better. I understand that it may be hard to believe but we have got to understand that not everything is meant for us to be understood. Christ’s true presents in the Eucharist is real. The holy spirit flows into the host which makes the host truly his body. It’s not going to look like flesh because God Knows that would freak people out! So, Christ humbled himself to become bread for us instead of the bread becoming (Material flesh). It’s tricky to word so I hope that follows correctly.

Aaron on Faith

15 Nov

We are called to live our lives for Christ in everything we do. There are many temptations and experiences that will throw us off track. In order to get back onto the tracks we must pursue God in our daily lives. What good are our lives without God? In order to get back on track, we must realize that even though those temptations may be good like having a crush on someone, we need to make sure that we are not going to spend all of our time on that person because for a healthy friendship/relationship, the center and focus needs to be God. If we don’t place God in the center of our lives all the time, than we are going to become lost in this world. We are called to live in this world but not of it. If we subject ourselves to worldly pleasures, we are going to lose what is most important to us. We forget what sin truly is and how severe the consequences of sin are. I would like to ask all of you, as I ask myself, am I doing what God really wants me to do? Am I living my life fully for Christ? Living for Christ does not automatically mean that you have to be a Priest or consecrated member of the Church, Instead it means in my marriage, job, life, am I living for Christ or am I just living for myself. Lets join together and strive to give ourselves completely to Christ. It’s not going to be easy, but it can definitely be done. What do we have to lose? What is there to be afraid of; a bunch of people scrutinizing us? They will get their punishments. Strive to make everything you do for Christ.