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Being Blunt!

10 Jul

This culture is so obsessed with the Body it is disgusting! I mean yea we all fall to it but seriously! WOMEN! STOP showing little boys what you got, and put some damn clothes on! Those a-holes only want whats under the clothes! Maybe, just maybe if you actually once respected yourself a real man would look at you and love you for you, not whats in your trunk! A real man will treat you with respect and actually have dignity and manners! BOYS, GROW UP! Pull your pants up! stop grabbing your infatuated other’s butt and grab her hand and look into her eyes and tell her how BEAUTIFUL she is; not hot sexy fine. If you actually respect a woman (I know you don’t know what respect is; so look it up) she will respect you and not screw you over! WOW how about that? Come on! Lets use common sense! YEAY for real Men and Women! Shame to the wanna be men and women! Sorry for the bluntness!