10 Dec

With Adam and Eve having given mankind original sin, they also brought upon many other terrible things.  To sum up the many things, we can call those things “suffering”.  We suffer daily from many things like, sickness, disease, through emotions, in a physical sense, and much more.  We suffer not only because of Adam and Eve, but because Satan will do anything to keep us from coming closer to God.  God won’t give us more than we can handle and He allows us to suffer so that we may grow stronger in faith.  While Satan brings forth the suffering, God will bring good out of every bad situation.  Don’t be afraid of suffering, because the more you are afraid of it, the more you are prone to it.  If you’re feeling depressed, listen to some good music or pray.  You might want to pick up a spiritual director, try reading the Bible.  There are many ways that you can get over emotional suffering.  A lot of times we over think things and are paranoid about things when we really just need to relax and know that everything will be okay!  If you feel that your suffering is overbearing, know that you are doing the right thing (God’s Will) and Satan realizes it.  When Satan realizes that you are coming closer to God he will try to stop you because Satan cannot stand to see anyone do the Will of God.  Suffering is not necessarily a bad thing, and we need to go through it to have a closer relationship with God, so that in the end, we may be Saints and spend eternal life with God in Heaven.


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