Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard

7 Dec

For us, it is easy to go out and play hard and work hard to get what we need.  But, do we really pray hard?  I cannot tell you if you pray or do not pray because I am not you.  But what I can tell you is that there is always room to pray harder.  Sometimes we think that a little bit of pray each day is enough.  Which it truly can be enough but it is that extra effort that we should put in that will give us what we need.  We need God in our lives!  Without God sounds horrific to me.  If we can go to work and put in some over time because the product needs to be finished, if we are playing in a sports game and the game goes into extra innings or over time so that the game may be finished, than we can go into extra innings/overtime with prayer so that our soul may be fulfilled.  Often people get the idea that God wont listen to me because I sinned.  “Jesus is the friends of sinners” as the Christian Rock band, Casting Crowns states in their song  Jesus, Friend of Sinners from the Album, Come to The Well.  We need to remember that Christ loves sinners and gives them graces to be closer to him.  Who is a sinner?  All of us!  Since we all sin, Jesus loves all of us and we should never be afraid to pray to him because he is always listening.  To pray hard is to help your soul come to Christ.  We must play hard so that we can enjoy what we are playing.  We must work hard so that we can provide for our families, so that we can receive good grades in school and get accepted to a good college and to build our knowledge so that our skills may be helpful to the country/world.  Finally, and most importantly, we must pray hard so that we may live our lives as Christ did his.  So that we may live to do His will and not ours.  So that we may help and love others as Christ does for us.  So that we may grow our faith in Christ to help those who are having a hard time believing.  May the grace of Christ shine down forth on you and give you his love so that you may love everyone as he does, and may he give you the gift of strong prayer so that your faith is constantly growing.


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