Enjoy the Little Things

3 Dec

Life is too short to not enjoy the little things.  We constantly complain about things when ever they don’t go our way.  We need to realize how blessed we are.  Being a Catholic, I feel so blessed to be able to receive the living God.  How rich our liturgy is and that everything within the liturgy comes straight from the Bible.  We have Adoration, where Christ who is truly present in the Eucharist, is in a beautiful monstrance shining forth his light healing us and giving us love with many graces.  We are so lucky to be alive.  How is it that we just started to breath?  What kick started us?  God!  God gave us life and now we have to live it for him.  There are so many things we take for granted.  For example, helping others out, taking a walk with a friend, money, love, friendships, work, school.  The list could go on and on!  We are always looking to the past pondering on the bad things and what will happen in our future that we fail to notice what is right in front of us now.  Let’s take a minute and look at what we have now and realized how blessed we are and how much better we truly have it than others.  May the Graces of Christ pour into you and give you the virtues of Chastity, Charity, Humility, Humbleness, Love, Honor, Loyalty, The ability to stay away from the temptations of sin, a strong Faith, and Peace in you heart.  I ask this for you through the intercession of all the Saints and Angels and through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


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