1 Dec

Life is so precious.  Think about that sentence.  What is life truly about?  What are we here for?  There are many questions about life.  The most important thing to understand about life is that God created us to share his love with us, and to spend eternal life with him.  A lot of people don’t understand the true meaning of what life is and how precious a human being really is.  We need to love life and encourage natural family planning.  This is why Abortion is so terrible.  Why are we killing so many innocent souls when we know it’s murder?  Life starts at conception and physical death happens when the soul leaves the body.  We need to realize that at the moment of conception. God gives the child its soul.  How is it that we continue to kill them?  Can’t we see how terrible abortion is?  Say a girl is raped and is impregnated.  Should she get an abortion?  NO!  There are many other options for that child.  We need to understand that the rapist raped the girl not the child.  Why should the child suffer for what the father did?  The child did nothing to that girl.  It was the fault of the father who raped her not the child.  Yes I know that was repetitive and I am sorry if that bored you but I only repeated it because of the situation’s importance.  We are talking about life and death.  Quite frankly we should choose life because Christ would.  If we as Christians accepted contraceptives and abortion, would we really be a Christian?  Would Christ want a child to be murdered or be prevented from coming to be by a condom or pill?  No, of course not; instead, Christ would give his own life in order for a singe child to live.  In fact, he did give his life for his children, the salvation of mankind, therefore giving mankind life…eternal life!  What better gift than the opportunity for eternal life?  We take many of the little things in life for granted and fail to see the big picture in front of us.  God is real and he gives us life.  We should respect our lives as well as other’s lives as we would respect Christ.  Love Christ as you would want him to love you.  Even if you don’t love Christ, he will always love you.  That does not mean you should just go and do your own thing and expect him to love you because that will hurt him.  One of the most powerful weapons for eternal life is knowing that you have the love of God on your side and that nothing will kill your faith.  May the love of God come into you so that you may express his love to others and help them on their journey towards eternal life.


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