21 Nov

We hate the imperfections of our body because of our sin.  If there was no sin in this world, if Adam and Eve had not brought original sin upon us, our bodies would have no imperfections.  There would be no one over weight, under weight, ugly or pretty; in fact, we would all be beautiful, perfect people.  Sin has corrupted the image and likeness God intended us to have.  We are far away from what that image and likeness truly is.  God wants us to be perfect and pure, but by sinning, we turn away from him.  Instead of loving God fully with our entire heart and self, we hurt him and place him on the back burner replacing him with what pleases us in that moment, sin.  How can we fight this?  We can look to pray every day.  Say a Divine Mercy Chaplet, read Sacred Scripture, find an accountability friend whom you can talk with about your weaknesses and struggles, attend daily Mass, the list could go on and on.  We need to understand that we should love our bodies because our bodies are made in the image and likeness of God.  However, we should hate the imperfections that sin has brought upon our bodies.  Besides, our lives now are much more challenging with sin than they would be with out sin.  If we were all perfect, then there would be no need to live because we would already be perfect and pure; which is what God wants from and for us.  There would be no need to fight against evil in order to save our souls and strive to live fro Christ.  We are called to live for Christ and in doing that we need the good to over come the evil so that we may reach our ultimate goal which is, Heaven/Eternal Life.  What is the point of living and striving for something if you don’t have to work for it.  Striving for heaven can only help your faith grow stronger.  Never be afraid to strive to be Holy!  You must own your will and give it to God so that when the time comes, you may be living with the Saints, the Angels, and God himself; truthfully, what is better than that.


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