Salvation and Other Things About Christ!

17 Nov

In a time of death, we need to look foward to the end. We need to look foward to the day Christ comes again. We need to ready our souls for that great day of judgment, and stay away from sin as much as possible. If we truly understood what Christ did for us, we would not sin at all. Sin is too easy and ironically beneficial to us because the davil makes it that way; intending for our souls toperish in Hell. What is it that gives us the ability to stay away from sin? Intercession through the Saints and most importantly, The Blessed Virgin Mother. We need their help to stay away from sin and get closer to Christ. May we realize the damage that our sin does daily and repent to God for the salvation of our souls, I ask this through Chirst our Lord. Amen.


When we need the Lord most, without asking, He is already there waiting reaching out his ever loving hand. Trust in God always because having trust and faith in Him will help you survive this culture of death. We need to fight evil daily, and show the world that we need God! May God Bless you all. May God protect every single one of you from all temptations and all evil. And May you all sleep with the Angels tonight.


Know that the enemy is always lurking around us trying to steal our souls. The devil will do anything to try to bring us away from God. When we sin, we must not get down on ourselves, but instead, we must rejoice for we have the oportunity to repent to God and be forgiven of all of our sins. Trust in God’s mercy and love and live your life in accordance to his so that we all may live in the Kingdom of Heaven.


We sin because we fear. What good is it to fear when we know that the Lord is on our side? Why be afraid of anything? God is always there and will always protect the faithful from the enemy. If we want to grow in faith, we need to trust God in everything we do. We must know that his love and mercy is enough to satisfy us. Pray for the unfaithful, Pray for your enemies, Pray for your friends, Pray for the sick/homeless/needy. Trust in God and fear nothing. Rejoice for the Lord is our Salvation!


When Bad things happen in our life, it is satan trying to ruin our lives and bring us down because we are doing the right things and doing the will of God. Once satan thinks we are slipping away, he attacks with an even bigger punch to astray you off God’s tracks. Keep in mind that satan has nothing on you of you have the power of faith and prayer. God, the Angles and Saints and the BVM will always protect you. Fear not the enemy for he is nothing compared to the love and mercy of God!


When you think everything is alright, think again. People come into your life and then people go. I don’t want people to go. I truly care about my friends even if I upset you and you wont talk to me. I don’t look at that. I look at what we had as friends. I look at the Christ in you and know that your AMAZING and throughout anything I’m honord to call you friends. My intentions are true because thats what Christ wants. If they’re different, I’m sorry. All I want is happiness and your friendship


Why be sad and depressed when God is everything you need. He fulfills your hopes and your dreams. Trust in the God and ask him to take care of your worries and needs. We go through trials in our life so that we can keep our faith honest. True Friends come and go. We will always have true friends. Keep your true friends forever, and always make sure you love them like Christ loves you. To all my true friends; May the peace of Christ be with you always. May we be friends in Christ forever.


What is the point of lying? To take advantage of one another or an opportunity? Why can’t we all just be truthful and speak to one another as a brother and sister, or as God would speak to us. Sometimes we take things the wrong way, and get upset over them. At that point, you have to be cautious, but always remember to forgive and love.


We worry because we love, we love because we care. God’s love is everlasting. This world should take a page or all the pages from God and start loving eachother as God loves us. If the entire world found God, We would then have the power to stop abortion. Lets stop living and live! Lets pour our entire heart and mind into God. Then, my brothers and sisters, is when we as a whole, will be doing the will of God. Amen.


The world would be a better place if everyone simply looked up at the sky and thanked God for the beauty that he has created. Even in the midst of suffering, a cloudy/rainy sky can be beautiful. And in the end, what realy matters is that we can all meet again in the Kingdom of Heaven. I hope to see you all, even my enemies, there soon! For those who wish that someone doesn’t make it to heaven, you don’t understand what you are saying and I pray that God gives you the knowledge to understand what you are truly saying.




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