Love and Fear The Lord

17 Nov

We should love and fear the Lord. We should be afraid of what he can do to us if we continue to sin, but we should also love him for all the great things he has done for us. You should never fear the devil. Yea, he does some scary things and sometimes it it scary to think of what he can do, but he will do more if you fear him. He truly has nothing against us if we have the power of faith. Yes, we will sin and we will fall, but if you keep your faith strong, you will overcome death (the devil) and inherit life (God). God will work through anyone. Even the worst sinners. We are all called to be Saints in the Kingdom of Heaven, and how do we expect to get there by living in a culture of death. Be of the world but not of it. As St. Frances Asissi said, If God can work through someone like me, than He can work through anyone!


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