17 Nov

True friends are rare.  When you find them, latch on to them and do not let them go for they are one of the closest things to Christ.  We should understand that latching on does not mean constantly being there and with them 24 hours of the day; instead, give them space and understand that they will be there tomorrow.  Why should we waist our time with people who hurt us or want the worst for us.  In book 8 of the Nicomohean Ethics, Aristotle talks about three friendships; the friendship based on pleasure, the friendship based on utility ans the friendship based on virtue.  Aristotle goes on to explain thoroughly (as usual) the three types of friendships and concludes with the friendship based on virtue to be the best one.  Aristotle says that a friend of virtue should care for the other friend for that friends sake.  We too need to look at his teachings and care for our friends for the sake of their good.  We should base our friendships around God, for a true friendship will have the desire for each other to reach Heaven.  Overall, true friends are hard to come by.  If one does happen to come to you, relax!  Don’t stress on loosing that friend, for once you stress about loosing that friend, most of the time you will.  Know that it is the devil trying to convince you that you are massing up all the time and that you’re going to loose that friend.  The devil does not want you to have anything that will bring you closer to Christ so the devil will try to take everything away.  To defeat the devil, trust in God and pray often!  The devil has nothing over a person who prays and believes in Christ.


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