Aaron on Faith

15 Nov

We are called to live our lives for Christ in everything we do. There are many temptations and experiences that will throw us off track. In order to get back onto the tracks we must pursue God in our daily lives. What good are our lives without God? In order to get back on track, we must realize that even though those temptations may be good like having a crush on someone, we need to make sure that we are not going to spend all of our time on that person because for a healthy friendship/relationship, the center and focus needs to be God. If we don’t place God in the center of our lives all the time, than we are going to become lost in this world. We are called to live in this world but not of it. If we subject ourselves to worldly pleasures, we are going to lose what is most important to us. We forget what sin truly is and how severe the consequences of sin are. I would like to ask all of you, as I ask myself, am I doing what God really wants me to do? Am I living my life fully for Christ? Living for Christ does not automatically mean that you have to be a Priest or consecrated member of the Church, Instead it means in my marriage, job, life, am I living for Christ or am I just living for myself. Lets join together and strive to give ourselves completely to Christ. It’s not going to be easy, but it can definitely be done. What do we have to lose? What is there to be afraid of; a bunch of people scrutinizing us? They will get their punishments. Strive to make everything you do for Christ.


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